Online Instruction Manual

Here is the HTML code you need to install the Clock.

1. Change the "NAME.swf" to your file and the size values must be changed to the values in the filename of your clock. Please note you have to do both of these things twice!

2. Select all text. [CTRL A]

3. Copy and paste the code into your HTML and safe your file (under a new name to preserve the old file) and test it.

4. Upload your HTML file and the clock file to your homepage server, and try if it works :)

NOTE: In Netscape for Windows and Netscape and Internet Explorer for Mac, the transparent area's will be filled with the background colour used in the flashfile. To work around this is to set the background colours for the flash file in HTML to match your HTML page's background.


If you encounter any problems, please make sure you have...

1. Flash 5 plugin for your browser.

2. Checked if the filenames and sizes are set correctly.

3. Checked if any file paths are correctly.

4. Have uploaded all files needed to show the page and the clock.

5. Have read all information on this website.


Hints and tips for creating and using your own clocks.

1. Try to create a mask to create smooth edges of the transparent bitmap image.

2. Obvious, remove the clock arms from the bitmap in an image editor first.

3. Difine your flash dimensions the same as the bitmap dimensions before importing.

4. Place the different elements (bitmaps, clock objects) each on a separate layer in flash.

5. Keep in mind that the dimensions of the bitmap are influencing the filesize. The smaller the bitmap dimensions, the smaller the clockfile.

6. Scale your large bitmap down to the actual size you want it to appear before importing the bitmap to Flash if you plan to use fixed sizes in your HTML.

7. Use the original clock bitmap as a "guide layer" to help you recreate the clock display design like the numbers and 'time dots'. (The guide layer will not be exported.)

8. When (re)creating your own clock display (like numbers, etc.) in flash, remember this. The hour indicators on the clock's display have a 30 degrees rotation, the second dots have a 6 degree rotation. (All rotation points must be in the centerpoint of the clock)

9. You want to make your own clock but can't do Flash? Use your clock bitmap (with the clock centered!) as an background for a table you defined with the same dimensions as your bitmap. Now place "CLOCK #000" inside the table and again give it the same dimensions (or smaller as needed) as the rest. Center the flash file inside the table/cell. (Remember, you cannot use transparent gif files as background images!)

.An example of using CLOCK #000 over an background image of a table.



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