LOGAN's Clock-Works homepage

The most versatile clock applet ever.

This site is a sort-of virtual clock-shop. On this site you can download the perfect clock to put on your own homepage. You can choose from some incredible cool designs and can apply them in various sizes. It's the best free clock object available to mankind, better than those 'cool' JAVA applets, and more configurable.

On this site you can download different designs to fit your personal taste, and additional information to get you started. And if you have mastered Flash 5, I have the source .FLA available for download also, so you can create your own flashy clocks. Send me your clock designs (swf) and I select the best submissions and make them available for download.



1. Accurate time display.

2. Scalable (as large as you need).

3. Transparent areas (showing the background instead of a rectangle).

4. High Quality (while preserving filesize).

5. Original designs.

6. Uses the Flash 5 browser plugin (available from http://www.macromedia.com).



1. No transparency support on Mac and also for Netscape users, but you can configure the backgroundcolour in HTML.



© 2001-2007 Jan Albartus (LOGAN)