FAQ and never asked questions

1. Why this site?

There are various ways to incorporate clocks in your homepage like Java applets and other scripts. But most clocks I have seen have limitations in style, display, size and some other issues. This site is for all people who would like to have a stylish clock on their homepages.

2. Why Flash?
Some of the reasons for using Flash; Its scalable, support for transparency, sound, etc. (The clock does not work on Flash 4 or lower)

3. Will there be new clocks?
Even as I plan to make thousands of clocks available, I cannot promise regular updates. But you can send me your own clock designs (as exported SWF file) so I may add it to this site.

4. What inspired you to do this site?
Well, at work we used the clock object in some projects and then it hit me. Make some photo's into real working clocks that people could use on their homepages. And I imagine the endless possibilities of different clock designs.

5. What are the future plans for this site?
I have several interesting ideas like random theme based designs, designchanges on time intervals, additional sounds (of ticking clocks, beeps etc.) and more. As soon as I have established the right protocol for these things, they will be added. My ultimate goal it to create the most original designs for your pleasure.

6. Did you made all the clock graphics?
No, I used some existing bitmap images (photo's), edited out the clock arms (and sometimes also the numbers) and recreated the design in Flash. I designed some of the clocks myself :)

7. A free download? What's the catch?
The only catch is providing the Internet community with a free high quality 'plug & play' clock applet for on non commercial homepages.

8. Can you create an exclusive clock for me?
Well, I am very busy. If I have time and your offer is good... who knows :)

9. Can a commercial company use a free clock for making a nonprofit site?
No. Normally a commercial company does not work for free, so I do not work for free for them either.

10. Can you provide me with the software tools to make my own clocks or to create my own homepage?
No, I do not supply any software associated with creating homepages or clocks right now.

11. May I use any of the other graphics found on this site, besides the clocks, on my homepage or other projects?
No, only screenshots for review purposes and each used graphic is a hyperlink to this website.

12. Why do I need a clock on my homepage?
I know some people who love clocks. If you apply a clock to your site well, you have a very handy extra gadget for your site visitors to admire :)

13. I used Netscape to view my clock, but I see a squared colour around the clock, how come?
Somehow some versions of the Netscape render the transparent areas in a flashfile with the background colour. Who can tell me in which version of Netscape the transparent areas are preserved? Anyhow, on the Mac, transparent is also not available. To work-aroud this problem is to place your clocks on a solid fill background and configure the background colour in HTML to match your page's background colour.

14. How do I pick the right size to put on my homepage?
Usually the smallest one will be large enough for average use, especially if you consider a size that's smaller than the smallest file available.

15. Can I use my own clock designs as I like?
Yeah, why not :)

16. Who is Jan Albartus / LOGAN

17. What other sites has Jan Albartus / LOGAN worked on?
See the list below.


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